Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 29th Anniversaries

Berkorban apa saja,
harta ataupun nyawa,
itulah kasih mesera,
sehati dan sejiwa

29 years....more than quarter of a decade, perhaps, they celebrated their silver jubilee four years ago.I wouldn't know for sure cos I've only just known their daughter a couple of days ago.

CT, the second child of four to this couple and the eldest daughter among the three sisters with one big and only brother came over last week to place this order, such a sweet and friendly lass, and thoughful too.Her parents are a lucky couple.

My parents', I think more than 47 years I guess cos my eldest brother is 47 years old. I still have a long way to go to match these two numbers but I hope and pray that I too, will celebrate more anniversaries with my hubby and perhaps my kids would order or maybe make our anniversary cakes or cupcakes for us:-)

She requested for yellow and pink but I guess the green curls had covered most of the pink. Sorry about that CT ...that's why i made the pink heart shape in the middle with the star nozzle.
Wishing your parents"Happy 29th Anniversary". May they live happily ever after and will celebrate more anniversaries together.
to CT, thank you for trusting me with this order

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