Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Alor Star With Love

Spashly made these two MCB last night for our friends . we, both hubby and I have known them since we were students back in Ilford, which served the best meat beriani at Kohi Noor ( so far , that we had tasted)but our friend Adil just told us last night that he had discovered another place somewhere in KL which served meat beriani better than Kohi Noor's , really? if that is the case, we might check this place out soon, fish ( cod ) and chips at Mariana Fish and Chips, king prawn fried rice , name it, you can have indian cuisine, chinese, english or even italian (pizza at Deep Pan or Pizza Hut ) at this little place.

You can go for groceries shopping at Sainsbury's .

Windsor Road, Bedford Road, Kingston Road, Richmond Road, Harvey Road, the names of the streets that we used to live in. This was where we met, our friends, Pau, Dil, Mummy and many more. Many Malaysian students lived at these streets. Most of the times the landlords or landladies were Pakistanis. Halal chicken and meat were easily obtainable because there was a muslim butcher there.

Ready to be taken away to Ampang and Shah Alam this evening.

Lat or Datok Lat is famous for his " From Taiping With Love" but these two marble cheese brownies were made for our two really close and dearest friends and that's why they were sealed with " From Alor Star with Love" caption.

Our other close friends who are also friends of these friends ( so many friends ma...)will be leaving for Hajj tomorrow. To Azah and Zaini, wish you both safe journey to perform your Hajj and insyaallah you will come back with Haji Mabrur.Do pray for us too so that we will soon be able to perform our duties too.

To all our friends and relatives who will be performing their 5th rukun islam, "Selamat Mengerjakan Haji, selamat pergi dan kembali".

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