Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Deepa Raya

It's that time of year again, October and soon, by mid November , the school will be closed for the end of year holiday.My kids are looking forward to it and I guess every kids are looking forward to that day.
Schools are organising their own "jamuan" for the students and since both festivals, Hari Raya and Deepavali just ended, they decided to combine both the celebrations and thus called it "Deepa Raya".
As usual for me, when my daughter mentioned that they will be having this "Jamuan DeepaRaya", it goes without saying that Mama would come up with something and what else if not something from Zue's Oven's selections of cakes or cookies or cupcakes.

Actually i wanted to do something different, perhaps to try new recipes. Browsed through pages and pages of recipes from various books but somehow I came up with the same old but popular recipe ie this biskut batik and brownies.

biskut batik
dunno about you but these two are my favourites. in fact most of the cakes offered by Zue's Oven are my favourites or my kids' favourites.Cos when I like something, I'd like others to taste them too, to feel the goodness, the richness the chewiness or goeyness or the scrumptiousness of these goodies.

"Batisya nak tolong mama" Batrisyia helping out in my messy kitchen.The biskut batik is done, once you have pressed the biscuits with the chocolate mixture, you just let it chill in the fridge and it's done.
Now for the next recipe, oI thought of making brownies, something chocolatey too but nutty as well.

there's a story behind this brownies. I wanted to make this last night together with the biskut batik but somehow my tiredness and sleepiness took the better of me and I dozed off to the land of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and woke up this morning at close to 6 am!

One hour before I was supposed to send my daughter to school . immediately i jumped off my bed and went down to my kitchen and started melting the butter and weighing the flour at the same time. no extra minutes to spare, I turned on the oven and started chopping the walnut. put it in the oven minutes later and by 6.30 am it was ready and just waited to be cooled off. Phew! so glad that I managed to finish it on time.By 7.10am both biskut batik and the brownies were cut into small squares, boxed and ribboned , ready to be enjoyed by my daughter and her friends and teachers at her school.Add the HAPPY DEEPA RAYA" wish on to the brownies

just add a bit of colour to the rather pale brownies

Tsara', my eldest dotter with the two goodies for the Deepa Raya celebration at her school today, just before we left for her school this morning.today , the students can dress up, no need to wear the school uniform.
okay, now that is settled, what next? oh... the laundry, the dry bamboo leaves, and the list goes on and on and on ,like the Duracell batteries....while my Batrisyia is still in her dreamworld and mummy in the real world.

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