Saturday, November 28, 2009

MCBs for yus

Yus ordered two more MCB for raya. One for makan2 and the other as a gift

Thank you again Yus for your continuous support. Really envy you bermanja2 di spa tu. Nanti next time I'd love to join you, to pamper myself pulak selepas bergelumang dengan sugar and flour. It's been a while since I last went for a facial or a massage.


  1. Zue, next time I'll call you for the spa session. I really need the pampering coz my body had been aching for quite a while. Maklumlah jaga arwah bapa yg sakit, badan habis lenguh2 and simpul urat2 belikat. Now dah refresh habis. ready to report to work again tomorrow. Wish me luck. I tau kerja menimbun duk menunggu I...huhuhu...

  2. salam's 4 am, almost 5! just completed one oreo hubby nak bawak pi KL esok and 150 cuppies, esok baru nak deco .

    My body needs a really good massage, ache everywhere, suppose to go after raya puasa hari tu, nanti insyaAllah kita pi. you've done your best to look after arwah which not all of us can or want to do.
    Good luck! Go slow, take it easy esok ye....alah bisa tegal biasa.....take care yus