Saturday, November 21, 2009

oreo again for Yong....

oreo chocolate cheesecake for my friend, Yong who continues to support me and for that I thank you .this must be her kids's request because she told me that her kids love this oreo. Hope you had a wonderful trip with your hubby, seronoknyer pegi holiday yong.....
thanx again Yong.
found out from yong that this oreo was actually for her neighobur who had been looking after her children when she was away recently. Nice to have such good neighbours


  1. My neighbours really like the cheesecake...and kebetulan pulak it was his husband's birthday...

  2. so happy to hear that and good for him and her , seronok dapat birthday cake sekali, kalau tahu, boleh bagi lilin....apa2pun, thanx again yong