Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary

Ni plan rumah siapa pulak ni sesat kat cekmekzue ni?
Fear not, you are still in the right blog, Zue's Oven a.k.a cekmekzue's blog. It's just my hand drawn sketch of a so called office plan to reflect the nature of this company's business thru my design. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary and i thought, hey, why not.... write the message in such manner. I got the logo from one of the staff, an architect, who ordered this MCB and chocolate cuppies for their celebration fiesta.
I've drawn a few of these sketches before, whenever we wanted to renovate the house, huubby dearest would ask me to draw what I'd like our kitchen to look like, or the rooms upstairs and so, being married to someone in this profession, i kinda "terikut' his style.
i guess it's only natural for someone who loves to draw , be it cartoon characters or fashion design to have this habit. My proudest moments ( one of few )when I was in my primary and also secondary when some of my drawings were posted on the board.

During my student days, i used to follow the architecture students during their study trip to Venice, and like them ( I guess ) , i enjoyed watching the beautiful view, the magnificent buildings and the like, St Marc Square, the romantic gondola ride in Venice, the breathtakingly beautiful view in Florence, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Vicenza just to name the few cities that we visited. i came to know the name of the famous architects there, Carlos Scapa ( dunno if the spelling is right, and who else, the gugenheim museum, the pizza! let's not forget the pizza, Stefanel, what else, and the people were just so fashionable and stylist ( as far as I could remember then ).suddenly i feel like twenty years younger, remembering the places, the alleys, the streets, the bus ride, the poses next to the Tower, in the Square, snap out of it zue! your cakes are calling to be decorated. Ciao!

The fondant with an "architect's" plan was supposed to be placed on top of the MCB. I made the border design on the MCB and wrote " Happy 20th anniversary aZR Architects" on the MCB just in case I didn't have time to do the fondant writing and looks like i did manage to complete it.

chocolate cuppies for the children. CT told me that these cuppies were for the children and she left the design to me. Sounds easy but difficult actually when you are left to do your own design, no theme, just...for the children.

I wanted to do this earlier but..

both the cuppies and MCB.
couldn't help but snapping one last shot of my 'ground floor plan'. Not that I wanted to be an architect but their work fascinates me.I'll stick to my cake deco and leave the plan drawing to the real architects.

thank you CT and thank you aZR Architects. wishing " Happy 20th anniversaries"

feedback and comment that I received from CT via e-mail and sms:

Kak Zue, Thanks a lot. The cakes complete our family dinner. Everyone so happy!"

"semua makan suka sgt cupcakes 2. berebut.

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