Saturday, November 28, 2009

Devil's Food cc and MCB for Ida

Simple deco for the cc, just for makan2 for raya. Ida wanted to try something new from Zue's Oven, so I suggested this Devil's food cupcakes which I tried the other day. It taste completely different from the other chocolate cupcake.
the top is rather crumbly and the inside is very soft . , very nice

sori Ida for the misunderstanding masa nak ambik cakes ni. I thot you were someone else who ordered the cheesecake with MCB jugak . She said she would be coming at 4 pm and coincidentally you also came around 4 ( I was expecting you around noon ), so I showed you the cheesecake with fruits. You insisted that it wasn't your order. You said that you ordered cupcakes and the cuppies were right in front of us at that time and I said that those were for someone else when it actually was yours. Quite funny jugaklah masa tu because I honestly believe that you were someone else, so sori about that mesti kes tak cukup tidur ni, sampai confuse habis.

ape ape pun, thank yo so much Ida for your repeat order. Have a wonderful raya with your family.


  1. Love the arrangement of flowers on the side! The cupcakes looks great as well.

  2. Dear art and Appetite,
    thanx for dropping by and for the beautiful comments, really appreciate that