Thursday, November 5, 2009

a little bling bling

I was trying to create the design for my brother's merisek and later wedding ceremony and a few of my customers' hantaran order. somehow, I am really into "crystal" look at the moment so i tried with a few colours on different door gift favours.

I was inspired by this design which I did for Sue's sister's engagement in June, the black and white theme.

I thought at that time that it was my best creation so far, not the cuppies deco but the deco for the favour.I must say that i am still a long way to go before I can become the pro "hantaran" makers but needless to say I am rather proud with my work, for someone who normally would shy away from this sort of jobs during kenduris.

I quite like this one too, white with a hint of yellow or chocolate with green.

red,pink and white posed with a slice of oreo chocolate cheesecake

light yellow /chocolate with green leaves

soft blue
I guess with these designs, you only need to use simple deco on the cuppies itself. unless your cuppies is already colourful and cheerful you won't be needing so much bling bling on your favours, right..... After all, these are just trial and error, still have rooms for improvement and I still have a few more ideas up my sleeves

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