Saturday, November 28, 2009

MCB for Yus pre raya order

Yus ordered two MCBs, one as a gift for a friend and the other for makan2.
Having seen and heard so much about my MCB on my blog, Yus decided to order and taste it for herself.,

one for gift

one for makan2.

The verdict:
Yus prefers it moist and sticky but her friend's aunt thought differently. this is her testimonials forwarded by yus from the sms that she received from the friend's aunt:
" semua dok suka d brownies cheese cake..he he u did it again yus."

thanks yus for the feedback. Some people have different prefentials than the others and brownies too have different taste and textures, some are chewy or gooey, some are cake like, some are fudgy , some are moist and some prefer extra cheese for the top. insyaAllah kalau yus order next time, Zue try cari resepi brownies yang moist and sticky pulak.

thank you yus. Have a wonderful raya with your family


  1. Hi Zue,
    Baru sempat buka blog sejak beberapa hari ni.
    The MCBs were great. Habis licin disapu bersih either those as gifts or the ones for makan2.Nanti bila2 I order lagi, untuk officemates pulak. Tomorrow's going to be my first day at work after 4 months on leave. Ketag lutut and kecut perut pulak rasanya...

  2. hai yus!glad to know and appreciate the feedback. boleh aje, just give me a call one MCB would be ready insyaallah.
    All the best for tomorrow, insyaAllah macamorang baru habis maternity leave with extra two months:-)