Saturday, November 7, 2009

MCB for Nas IWK

She lives and works in Kulim but her parents are in Alor Staq so since she's coming back this weekend and since she's just stumbled upon my blog while searching for the goodies for her big day next February, she was taken by my MCB and thought of trying it out.
she therefore "shouted" in my shoutbox and by 2 pm on Friday as promised , she's already in my house. she had no difficulty in finding my house. most people would find it difficult because my house "takdak nombor rumah kat depan"...hehe.... ordered but not ready yet....
She wasn't rushing to go elsewhere so we spent sometime chatting and I guess I did most of the talking, sorry NAs, once I started talking about cakes and cupcakes, it just went on and on....:-)
She had the opportunity to taste my oreo choc cheesecake too..rezeki dia. thanks Nas for trying out my MCB. This design I took from my cakebook.
Just read her message in the shoutbox, glad to know that everyone likes it.
" ksedapan MCB mengatasi segalanya, just before maghrib dh settle, everybody puji, sedapp, mkn plak time ujan with fresh orange ..pergghh..superb.
thanx a lot, next time bleh order lg or maybe I should try s'thing else. thanx again kak zue. keep up ur good work"
Terima kasih daun keladi...wink wink...

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