Saturday, November 28, 2009

pink and white for engagement

I love these colours, pink and white, so soft and so sweet. It was Wani's choice of colour, she told me that she wanted them simple but sweet.

Wani e-mailed , smsed and called me to make the booking, to confirm the order and she came to collect the cake and cuppies herself on her engagement day.
made chocolate moist heart shaped cake with ganache and buttercream roses and also vanilla cupcakes with buttercream glaze and deco.

sweet pink and white roses.
was a bit worried tho because she would be driving back to Jitra, so requested her to drive ever so slowly and so carefully. I later texted her to find whether she and the cakes arrived safely. here's her sms reply:
" kek pun slamat smpi ke rumah mgunakn highway plus dgn 70km/jam..he.heh..fmily tunang pun suka kek akak.Sweet sgt, good job"

wani loves syah
thanx Wani for trusting me with your engagement cake and cupcakes


  1. thanks zu......thanx for dropping by....and the beautiful comment.

  2. Wah cantiknya roses . . . terror la. . . I nie fail kalau bab buttercream rosses!

  3. hye shashue!thank you so much, your fondant roses are gorgeous dear!