Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Wishes From Peng

She wanted this set to be extra special, with cupcakes decorated with theme just right for kids . she wanted a small cake with several cuppies around it. Should have done this much earlier but somehow I only managed to do this a couple of days ago, way, way, long overdue....

chocolate moist cake and banana chocolate cake sandwiched together with ganache in between and also as topping, later covered with soft green fondant and decorated with fondant figurines in the form of birds, bees, a ladybird, a turtle, mushrooms and daisies too and with fondant fences , small blossoms and grass on the side.

A small message " Best Wishes From Peng"
Since she said it was up to me , as long as they are suitable for kids too, I searched high and low for appropriate designs and decos from Wilton books to Debbie Brown's and finally I decided to mix and match and the result is something from Wilton book.

My sincerest apologies to Ms Peng for this delay.

the cake and its cupcakes

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