Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sempoii oblong burger..

darkish brown- meat,

yellow - cheese,

red- tomatoes,

green- lettuce/salad,

greenish white, rings of onion,

mayonaise aka cream cheese frosting

covered with bun - not the exact colour:-)hmmmslurp

another carrot cake with simple crem cheese frosting on top with fondant alphabet "Sempoii"

The message was simple " Happy Birthday Abang" but the feeling was deeper. Complete with Halal guarantee :-)
The process of ordering, making and delivering was less than 24 hours.How did that happen?

I was driving when my mobile rang.

Recognised the number ( office number ), recognised the sweet voice.

Requested her to call back a lit bit later cos I was driving my daughter to her school for her Sports DAy and about 2 plus I heard the same sweet voice again.

Can you deliver it to him tomorrow?

I thot his birthday was on the 1st July ( i remembered because last year she ordered the black and white carrot cupcakes ( with the heart in the box )for her hubby and I delivered it to him too ).

Tomorrow is 1st July Kak zue......


She must have put a spell ( lawak je Haniey! ) on me cos I couldn't say 'No". it was less than 24 hours, i have got a few orders lined up nicely, cakes baked, waiting to be decorated and there I was agreeing to it.

She wanted the cake to be oblong, the same shape as the oblong burger. I didn't have the cake tin with that shape and I thot I'd just bake the usual round cake and cut into the oblong size but I thot I'd give it atry to see if the shop had any oblong shape cake tin and I was lucky indeed cos they did!

Thanks to Min's book Kraf Gula, I managed to get a good tutorial for the burger, though I couln't get the exact colour but I am quite pleased with my first oblong burger carrot cake! I wasn't exactly sure how the oblong burger should look like cos I had never tasted them, googled in the net but found very little info and images of the oblong burger

By 2 pm I had it delivered, via her nephew where we met up in Jitra. Thanks Haniey for making me try something different and wish your Abang Acubek every success with his 'Sempoii' oblong burger business.


  1. KAK ZUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i was so impressed wit ur oblong burger!!!!ihiihih..tq so much k.zue,i feel so lucky having u as a "cake maker" for me..ihihih!!!!!!eventhough its a last minute order,but u still did the best..ihih,tq once again!!!!!tq so much!!!i really2 appreciate it!!!!!even my hubby also wondering where did u get the real oblong pattern..ihih!he was so suprise as well!!!!!!!tq!

  2. Woww,, more piccas of the oblong burger plss