Sunday, July 11, 2010

Off they went to Pulau Pinang......via the Penang Bridge

fruit cake carefully wrapped in foil
with extra raisins

luxury brownies, truly nutty and luxurious with walnut, almond, brazil nut and hazelnuts

and a special request to top it with the cheese and the marble cheese deco on top

carefully placed in respective boxes

both boxes were later placed in another box and further wrapped in brown paper and tied with a white string. All precautions had been made to ensure that they will reach Sya in good condition. All the signs, " this side up", Fragile' were written all over the place but the Poslaju personnel couldn't guarantee that they would be handled with so much care, that all the boxes and packages would be thrown all over the place. However, the following day, I received an MMS from Sya with the picture of the Luxury marble cheese brownies intact, (I wasn't worried so much with the fruit cake because it had no deco on it), i am more concerned with the luxury marble cheese brownies .I was so pleased. thank you PosLaju people for handling them with so much care and caution.
Where were they going actually? My cakes, cupcakes and brownies had been on a fairy to Langkawi, had been delivered via courier service company to Butterwoth and now they are going slightly further away, via the Penang Bridge to Sya, who is studying in Penang , who requested that these two cakes to be delivered to her . I did told her that I wasn't sure whether she would get them in one piece and she was willing to take that risk. she and her family had been very supportive of my venture and I thank her for that.

Alhamdulillah , everything went well, and now all we have to do is....see who is going to win tonite's final. Is it gonna be the Bull Spain or the Oranje Nedherland? I am all for Espana! Go Villa go!
May the best team win, Sya!

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