Thursday, July 29, 2010

blueberry cheesetart for areena and Kak Bahiyah.Thank you for always supporting me.

my two dishes for break fasting on wednesday. Ayam masak kerutuk

and Ketam Masak cili. both are my son's favourite dishes.
Ayam masak kerutuk was quite easy to make, I just followed the recipe at the back of the pack. Kerutuk is the traditional dish from Kelantan.Here's how to make it ( even a first timer can do this i think , if you follow the instructions at the back of the pack..... I did:-)
ayam masak kerutuk
I used 8 small pieces of chicken ( from the thigh and drumsticks portion)
clean them first.
heat about a tablespoon of cooking oil,
and fry crushed shallots (10) garlic (5) and lemon grass until fragrant
Tumis these blended ingredients which had been mixed with the kerutuk paste:
tumis for about 10 minutes or until peach minyak
Add in the chicken and mix thoroughly until all the chicken were well coated.
add in about 1 1/2 cup of coconut milk
1 tsp air asam jawa
2 tbsp kerisik
1 cup of water
salt and sugar to taste
let it boil, then lower the heat, simmer till the chicken is tender and the gravy became thick.
Serve with hot white rice

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