Friday, July 16, 2010

mamas night out... I mean

lasagna ....done


100 cuppies and heart hsaped chocolate cake, baked, but not decoed yet.....

why not? It's one of those days.....when you are feeling blue...
whne i'm feeling blue,
all I have to do is take a look at u,
and I'm not so blue,

when your body is here but not your mind, your mind is somewhere, somewhere in Danau Kota, in one particular apartment , reaching out to be with the other mind, the mind who knows this mind better, who knows when this mnd is feeling blue or yellow or orange. Her heart aches, to be with him, and thus that contributed to this bluish feeling, with this feeling came other feelings, emptiness, loneliness, madness, and the worst is ....laziness!thank god it is not Lock ness!with so many laziness is worse than Nessie ( my nickname for the Lock Ness monster )
piles and piles or rather baskets and baskets of dirty laundry to wash, fallen dried leaves in the lawn to be swept, dust on the furnitures to be wiped, spiderwebs? that's been taken care of, and endless list of chores. At the same time, other thoughts came to mind, my daughter's PMR in less than three months, to buy fabrics for my daughters baju raya, to settle outstanding bills, to give Abah and Umi a call, my sister's email to reply, so what did I do?
for that day was the day of nothingness.....
so, the first thing I did was made a video call to that someone in Danau Kota, saw him eating roti canai , felt like he's just sitting infront of me.
What did I do next? started baking the cookies( baking and cooking are different from the chores, I cannot not do them ), followed by preparing lunch for the kids and lasagna for my neigbour's order.
Smsed my 'sister' if she'd like to come over and she also smsed another friend and all of a sudden, the feeling of nothingness was lifted and along came merriness and cheerfulness. It felt like ''raya' with so many friends in the house. At first we decided to go out and get those kain for my daughter's baju but the convesation drags on, one topic after another and so we decided to go another day. We were later joined by my neighbour who came for her lasagna, and minutes later her daughter joined us as well.
that was fun!
for dinner, I just added a few meatballs into the meat sauce (for the lasagna) and boiled some spaghetti. It was just an informal gathering of good friends, good time for catching up with the latest news, whose kids going to which universities, etc, etc....
After my last guest said her goodbye, went upstairs to freshen up for those 100 cuppies and the heart shaped chocolate engagement cake were still waiting patiently for me to make them up.

That's what friends are for, to be there with you in times of sorrow and joy.Thank you for a wonderful , cheerful evening. Eventhough the blues had gone but it hasn't left me completely for there is still a spot in me which is empty,
for everytime he goes away, he takes a piece of me with him.

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