Friday, July 23, 2010

Glad to be part of it.......

Tun Teja, blue house-Block A

Tengku Arfah- Red house, Block B

mahsuri, yellow house, Block C, block/house!

FISCO DISCO gathering. chocolate cake with all the names of the houses in the school, there's a lady in baju kurung hijau somewhere.............

Dang Anum -Green house, block sis's block/house ,

set of cuppies for the kids

set of cuppies for the mamas

marble cheese brownies

brownies with walnut -compliment from Zue's Oven

a set of blueberry cheesetarts, and another set for Sis Eda too.

chocolate chip cookies , 2 jars for my sis and another one for Sis Eda

These cakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies were delivered to Juru and later would be spending the night in Ipoh before making their way to Shah Alam for the gathering on Saturday at my sis's place.


  1. Hi Zue, wow! I love your this cakes! They're beautiful, and bet they just melt in the mouth.
    Women like you, under different circumstances, ha ha...can be dangerous to bachelors.

    You not only a gourmet cook, but fantastic at cake making.
    I was when young warned about women....but nobody warned me about women who can cook.
    If not for a woman who can cook, I would have retained my Bachelor's degree longer. Ha ha ha.

    Zue, I'm giving you this 2 recipes...

    1/ Elvis Presley's favourite pound cake. His mother Glady's used to make for him.


    3 cups granulated sugar
    1/2 pound butter, softened
    7 eggs, at room temperature
    3 cups cake flour, sifted twice, divided
    1 cup whipping cream
    2 teaspoons vanilla extract

    Butter and flour a 10-inch tube pan.

    Thoroughly cream together sugar and butter. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.
    Mix in half the flour, then the whipping cream , then the other half of the flour.

    Add vanilla extract. Pour batter into prepared pan. Set in a COLD oven and turn heat to 350 degrees F.
    Bake 60 to 70 minutes, until a sharp knife inserted in cake comes out clean. Cool in pan 5 minutes.
    Remove from pan and cool thoroughly.
    Then invite Uncle Lee come for coffee.

    2/ Rose, Rose, I Love You Pudding
    Type of Dish Dessert
    Cooking Method Boil .
    50g agar-agar strips
    3 screwpine leaves (pandan leaves)
    1,000ml water
    1 cup plain milk
    75g sago, soaked and drained
    1 egg white, beaten till stiff
    Red and green coloring, for roses and leaves

    Cut up the agar-agar strips, wash, then soak in water for about 10 minutes.
    Bring water to the boil with the screwpine leaves.
    Add the agar-agar and cook till dissolved. Put in sugar and bring to the boil.
    Remove half cup of agar-agar solution. Add colouring and pour into rose-and-leaves portion of the mould.

    Add sago to the rest of the agar-agar and cook till transparent. Remove from heat, add in milk and stir in the beaten egg white. Use a whisk to beat well.

    Pour over set roses and leaves. Leave aside then chill well in the fridge.

    If you do make, send me telegram, I take the bus over, ha ha.
    You have a nice day and simpan satu lagu dalam hati....senang datang, Lee.

  2. Hello Uncle Lee!
    since no more Mr Lee, I'll stick to Uncle Lee, though I might not be that far away from you, age wise and not too close either....hehe....
    I call my cakes,etc, 'heaven on earth' creations for they truly are sinfully rich, creamy, cheesy,chocolatey and not only melts in the mouth but you could feel the earth moves.....exaggeration is my middle name,ha..ha....
    women like me, under no circumstances would be dangerous to men, when I was younger, maybe, but now...hmmmmm, let me check the mirror first.....though I must say, whenever I am driving my old Bettle, or the old Alfa Romeo, I would make heads turn.... but I think they are looking at my VW and not at moi!....hehe...
    I guess, the saying, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach' definitely meant for you and like they all said, the rest is history....

    appreciate your time taken to give me these two recipes.I do like to try new recipes every now and then and I'd definitely give you a shout whenever I try out any one of these two or both!

    Whenever you are in the neighbourhood, do give me a tinkle for I'd really like you to try the oreo chocolate cheesecake, though I am not sure whether you are a cheese lover or otherwise.....
    Thanx for dropping by again and I sure do look forward to your visits.One song in my heart,no worries, I am always singing and dancing in my heart whenever you come visiting for you manage to bring out the best in people and no matter if it is raining or snowing blizzard outside, it will always be sunny with you around......

  3. Hi Zue, waa, you drove an Alfa Romeo before. Itu la dia! Now I remember a beautiful, sexy lady in designer sunglasses, long hair... overtook me dekat Alor Star, I looking at her sikit lagi masuk ke sawah padi, ha ha ha.
    I had 3 Alfas before....used for ahemm, safaris.

    Incidentally, I don't go overboard for wife says, 'bodoh', ha ha she loves cheese.

    Few weeks back I did a posting on cakes, sure shocked everyone popping into my pondok....always think this Uncle sure post about sex or women, ha ha ha...
    And I put out a recipie for a cake called, "I'm all yours". No need to ask what happens after makan, ha ha ha.

    A few lady bloggers have tried it, one mentioned macham experience 1st night of Honeybulan. Other lady said 'don wan friend you...make me eat, I put on weight, but cake very shok...".

    Zue, I will be most sukahati if you just call me 'Lee'. Tu 'Uncle' or 'Mr' for those have not seen the inside of a maternity ward....

    I love the way you describe your cakes...macham love story pulak.
    I think under different circumstances, dating a lady like you, tentu bulan naik satu jam earlier....and I will not wear my watch too.
    Zue, love your lively humour....I love women ada humour.

    Talking about humour, hari ni saya da silap mata....about numbers. If you got nothing better to do, waiting for your cakes in oven to be ready, pop over.... re the comments, ha ha...

    Okay, better chabut now, be seeing you....stay beautiful, Lee.
    ps, I love mature ladies, *wink*.

  4. Dear Lee,
    Lee sounds good, if that pleases you more.Mature ladies I am , with more wrinkles clearly visible on my face but still have more than ten years to go before retirement but hey, I am already retired, quit my job about a year ago and feeling good about it tough still a little bit financially challenged but I am enjoying and savouring every minute of my newfound freedom, freedom to go to the market as and when I please, nobody tells me what to do, I tell me what to do , when to do the laundry, when to do the cooking and baking, thus I wear so many hats now that we had sent the maid away:-(
    that Alfa, I am still driving it, had it and still have for more than ten yours now, the same age as my second child, 13 years old but still going strong with a new engine, it's a black beauty. when hubby dearest brought it home the first time, guess what I like most about it ?( for someone who knows almost nothing about cars)I fell inlove with the reams, those teaR drops shape on the reams.
    I hate to burst your bubble , but the beautiful sexy long haired lady you saw driving dekat sawah padi itu, that wasn't me, for she was terrified of small lanes,but if she drove past you at the highway, wearing her designer glasses and long selendang on her shoulder in her black Alfa driving at 145 to 160 max or 120 average, that.....was me. but if your definition of beautifiul and sexy comes in small package, then, that was me..hehe..... I came nowhere near the height or size of all the ladies in your life, the tall 5'8" long legged bombshells, even the three inch stiletto doesn't helpp either:-)

    but when I walk, I do walk tall and with my head held up high, perhaps as tall as those 'ladies with legs and bodies 'to die for so to speak....
    Small and petite I may be but like they said, kecil kecil cili padi....and I do love to wear those kebaya and sarongs just like your Mrs does.they somehow fascinate me esp the Nyonya kebaya.But they are now left hanging in my closet for I am now a domestic Queen with no reason for me to put a kebaya on. Would I want me to be seen wearing a kebaya while mixing and baking my cakes and cookies?would you.....that would be a sight!

    Whoaa.... so long already?As the house is quiet, all the kids are at school, hubby outstation, miss him much, it is so easy writing to you as I love reading and writing, my two other passion besides baking and decorating cakes. speaking of cakes, I would surely go back to your pondok and look for that other recipe you mentioned. get ready with a cup of Milo tarik and nasi can do, I am fasting today.First thing first, the Domestic Queen is about to exchange her tiara and gown for a more comfy t-shirt and jeans or something else for her daily chores!owh..the carriage had just turned into a pumpkin.....gotta go, for now
    Ciao! good of u to come visiting and I will definitely go to yor pondok too....take care and have a beautiful day ahead of you.