Tuesday, July 20, 2010

home Sweet home.....

willie, oblivious to the world around him....

this is life.......

every kid, older or younger than her, me, included( years and years ago ), would go through this phase in their lives, missing her two , err, one front tooth......her abah missed this Kodak, I mean Canon moment for he is outstation and so I took this shot yesterday. I was out all morning after much persuasion and coercion from her, to take her to the dentist. Her tooth had been wobbling for quite some time and mummy just couldn't find the right time and day to bring her there.
We waited patiently from 8.30 am to almost 10 am to a less than 10 minutes of tooth pulling, and she didn't cry one bit.
"was it painful? I asked
"yes" only a little right, you'll get a more beautiful and stronger tooth later
"Batrisyia kena minum susu?"
you sure do, plenty of it for strong teeth......

quarter to four pm, after a long day in and out of the hospital, ( that was right after the dentist visit, went to my eldest's daughter for her appointment ) ( close to eight hours .....whoa! what a long day for a stay home mum......), I was back home, home sweet home
I would normally go out to send my kids to school in the morning( about half an hour ), fetch my daughter from school in the afternoon (fifteen minutes ), buying butter, sugar, flour, etc for my cakes and cookies ( about half an hour or less ), that's about it and yesterday was a bit too much for me. I wouldn't mind if I were doing something else, but what bothers me was the waiting. Waiting for your turns ( my eldest daughter's actually ) , for your numbers to be called ( she had to see two people/ doctors ), and after the first one was done ( after waiting from 10.30 am to almost 1 pm) , we had to wait again , why? the doctors had all gone for lunch! and they wouldn't come back until after 2.30 pm the earliest! Forgive my ignorance but I was a bit upset about the whole thing but I guess that's how the system is... that's what we get for a free service..... take it or leave it....and I had to opt for the former.....there's always a blessing for everything thst happens to us.... this will not be our last visit, we still more appointments to go to and so, more waitings for us, just have to grin and bear with it......
Home Sweet Home.... nothing sweeter and better than coming back home to your house, after an exhausting and tiring day out.


  1. Hello Zue, thank you for at last surfacing in my blog. Now at last I know who it is, as we are 12 hours behind your local time....and my getting the scent of a woman at nights, hearing soft footsteps of a silent reader.
    Nice blog you have, and can see you have a Black Belt in cake making, I believe in cooking too.

    Re your home....
    Where we love is home,
    Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.

    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, and I certainly will look forward to your next visit....will get coffee and cakes ready, ha ha. Lee.

  2. Hello Uncle Lee,
    thanx for dropping by too! the scent that you were getting must be the mixture of Hugo Boss Deep Red with the aroma of the chocolate chip cookies!
    Thank you for the nice comments, dunno about the Black Belt, I guess I can do a bit of this and a bit of that....
    will visit you soon and better be prepared with the cakes and Milo Tarik cos I am not into coffee that much:-(, only the occasional Nescafe susu when I am sleepy whilst trying to finish up my orders:-)
    you too have a nice day and I am always singing in my heart!