Monday, July 26, 2010

another marble cheese brownies..

Marble cheese brownies yet again, well, I don't mind doing this over and over again, you can call me in the morning and you can get it in the evening....ehem... provided I am free on that day, otherwise, no can do.....
and...and you can have it delivered to your doorstep too...
so far, I had delivered twice, one to Butterworth and the other to Penang, across the bridge and both received these MCBs in good condition.

An order from one of Sharina's school friend, thank you dear friend and thank you Sharina for ordering on her behalf.


  1. akak.. Marble cheese kek xda ke? sebab sy macam ternmpk jer entry sal tuh.. hehe//

  2. Salam Dik,
    mabrle cheese kek? nampak kat mana?

  3. oh.. kire x da lah.. em.. klu beluberi chese kek berapa? kawan sy cakap 100 lebih betul ke?

  4. Salam Dik,
    blueberry cheesecake size 9" RM60 je. kalau untuk dihadiahkan kepada seorang with ribbons and flowers pun belum reach RM100

  5. dik tengok dalam entry cheesecakes or blueberry cheesecake untuk contoh.bekas bulat 9".