Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain, world Cup 2010 Champ

Spain won! This is their first world Cup win, after beating the Oranje Nedherland , 1 goal to nil.

Ecstasy and agony, the commentator was saying, I was watching the closing ceremony ( repeat) . the ecstasy of winning and the agony of losing. this is one of the reasons why I love watching the world Cup ( highlights) it's the commentators, the presenters and the reviews. these beautifully and appropriately worded phrases to describe the goals and the misses, etc...

I didn't know any of the players when the world cup started, except for Christiano Ronaldo, MAradona, the coach but as the week progresses, other names appear like Messi, Kaka, Lampard, Muller, Torres and David Villa. After Italy's early exit , and after seeing Daivd Villa's two goals against Chile or was it honduras? , i knew which team that I was going to support ( just for the fun of this World Cup 2010) .I like his after goal gesture, ( are you sure that was the real reason? and not because of his good looks:-))

Four weeks had passed, the Waka Waka This Time For Africa has finally drawn its curtain
what a strike!
absolutely terrific
beautifully executed,
what a goal!

the world Cup fever might be over for me and most people but not so for the real football fans,this is not the end for them. If I were asked which is the best goal , mine would definitely be the 6th goal by Christiano Ronald beating the Korean ( 7-0) team when the ball went over his head and just when he thought he had lost it, the ball came down and he simply ticked it away into the goal with a surprised and unexpected look on his face.

Vive Espana!

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