Monday, July 5, 2010

Red velvet camera lens and ....jejak kasih....

Would you believe it..? would I believe it? I did , now that it was right in front of me, after less than two hours ( from the time I started decorating , it took longer to prepare, to digest the recipe, err, what's buttermilk? and distilled white vinegar, nasib baik bake , the recipe was for cupcakes, so I had to adjust and estimate the time for the whole cake, and to wait for it to cool off ), the red velvet cake transformed into this OLYMPUS ZUIKO 50mm 1.4 camera lens( which I haven't a clue what it means )

it was so red....true to its name, velvety, i dunno, I have yet to taste and experience the richness of this cake, I had already covered it with cream cheese frosting when I decided that I want to capture the redness with my CANON SLR. My first red velvet cake. Thanx to Sharina who insited on this cake ( if I could ). I had been wanting to make this red velvet cake for ages, but never got around to doing it.THIS IS IT( wah, like The MJ supposedly concert tour name )It's now or never. After giving it a careful and calculative thought (cos time was the constraint since I had only about 14 hours inclusive of sleeping time, sending kids to school ) before I had to deliver this cake.

I asked her again, was she really , absolutely, positively sure about giving me this task for I had never made this camera lens cake before. Ever since I received her e-mail, (which I only managed to read sometime before dinner), I was excited about the prospect of making this cake despite a small , tiny , little voice inside of me was doubting whether I could pull this one .

thanx to the reference that she gave, plus looking at my own camera lens, from 8 am I started kneading the black fondant and cover the cake.I kept looking at the watch, I was afraid that I couldn't make it on time. Fortunately, before ten am I had finished the whole thing.Itried as best as I could, though at first I wasn't sure whether I wanted to use buttercream or fondant and I finally decided to use the latter. Perhaps to the pros, this is very easy to do but to me, it was a bit daunting. I was sceptical at first, can I do this,what if I got stuck or it didn'tlook like what it was supposed to be? What would have happened? All these questions came to my mind and I tried to focus on making it work. I said to myself, " I can do this"

and seeing this, in front of me, gave me nothing but satisfactory feeling, . I did It!!Phew! When I MMSed this photo to my hubby, he even said..."nice" cos he could be very critical about my work and getting that comment from him, I managed to breathe a sigh of relief but , ' it ain't over till the fat lady sings, (or something like that:-) I couldn't breathe easy until I heard the comment and feedback from the lady and her birthday man themselves.
Before 1 pm, I arrived at my destination, met the birthday man , the man whose passion is for camera and from what I gathered from his other half, he has xx number of cameras at home. If my working table in the kitchen is filled with cutters, spatulas,rolling pins and all that jazz, his would be with brushes, lenses, anything and everything related to cameras.

some of her smses:

bday man texted that the cake was 'really good'

later, when she got home from work: "

kak zue! The cake is superlicious:-D

he brought home a quarter of the whole cake and now dah tinggal a quarter of that. My youngest mmg hantu cake, asyik berulang. Not too sweet n the fondant pun not too thick. Looking forward to hv a full cream cheese topping in d future...thank u sangat2:-)

"and getting good comments in his flickr too'

Yes, Mr Jusni wrote some nice things about this camera lens, err, I mean red velvet cake in his flickr. Thank you so much to both nice people, Mr and Mrs Jusni.
To Sharina, for having faith in me, for trusting me and for the opportunity to make this camera lens cake and also for requesting 'red velvet cake'.....thank you.
To En. Jusni, for the nice words.....thank you and happy birthday. hope to see more great shots from your cameras.


  1. yummy red velvet, lovely design Zue! snapppp . . ..

  2. thanx Shashue!thanx for dropping by..