Sunday, July 11, 2010

Do u trust me?

A simple " Congratz" message to the newly wed but according to Ayu, they are not actually newly weds, their akad nikah was in January.Still look new to me! still youung, sweet and beautiful

My first ship cake. When ayu first mentioned about wanting a ship cake, I was a bit scared, just like the camera lens cake, it's a new territory, a new dimension where I need to carve this cake to make it look like a ship before I can cover it with fondant. Truthfully, I had no clue how to do this., looked up examples in Debbie Brown's books that I have and she only has either toy boat or Noah Arks' boat ( mostly children's boats) and I was looking for oil tanker ship. Later, Ayu decided on the Titanic ship. Okay, I think it could be much simpler than an oil tanker and immediately Rose and Jack came to mind. That famous scene in the Titanic movie.

As fate had it, TV2 showed Titanic last Wednesday, as if they knew I was making this ship! spent the entire night watching the movie ( again!) whilst sketching the shape, scrutinizing the colour, the contour of the ship, the figurine and the Heart of The ocean, just wanted to get the feel of it.

"Do you trust me?"

"yes, I trust you."

"don't let go of my hand"

I fell in love with de Caprio all over again, those words just melt your heart, ain't it?, so confident, so trusting, so comforting to hear, makes you feel secure and safe and I guess that's how Rose must have felt, how she fell for him, for his charm, his good looks no doubt.

"You jump, I jump", the famous phrase in Titanic, just like "You Complete me" or "you had me at Hello" in Jerry Mc Guire, or "Slippery Little Suckers" in Pretty Woman. these are memorable lines

It wasn't easy making this ship, but I wouldn't say No to this challenge. I wouldn't know my capability until I tried and thankfully, my perseverence paid off. I was pleased with the result, not 100% cos I know that there are still flaws and imperfection but for an amateur like me, I am proud with my work and I want to thank Ayu for trusting me and for allowing me to test my ability.
Why the ship? Her other half is involved with ship, offshore, and that is also the reason why he is wearinghte orange attire.Ayu and yusri, sama cantik, sama padan, bagai pinang dibelah dua.

if the Titanic ship is made of chocolate, this edible image 12 x18x 4 inches cake is made of vanila magnolia cake with strawberry fillings and butterceam deco with fondant daisies and blossoms.

I went for her kenduri and I didn't really know the place. I missed the entrance and had to make a U turn and the minute I entered the pintu gerbang, my heart skipped a beat. Oh no! It's a one narrow lane road with paddy fields on both sides! This is one of the reasons I don't really like driving, the narrow roads, there's no turning back! there's no way I could make a turn on this type of road, silap haribulan, into the paddy field we went! luckily , there was no oncoming cars or even motorcycle for that matter. I had to go on and we did make it to the kenduri. what an experience and I had to back thru the same road because there was no exit on the other side. but the horrifying experience was worth it for the lauk kenduri was delicious and seeing the bride and groom, rasa sejuk sangat. Somehow, I felt that they really are made for each other and I do pray for their happiness and wellness always, sehingga ke hujung nyawa.
Ayu and Yusri, Selamat Pengantin Baru or Lama ( Ayu kept correcting me:-) )dah lama kahwin kak zue!......takpe, lama atau baru, semoga selamat sentiasa and thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your joyous occasion. It is really nice knowing you and dealing with you.

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