Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ZUIKO 50mm 1.4.......it's a small world, jejak kasih continues here....

ala shy shy.....semua, tunduk ke bawah......all girls......
primary school, in the 70s, let's see if I can remember their names, Salina and Yati, Harlina and Norashikin, Zah and Maizon, Me and Kamariah, betul tak Zah? Zah is the lady whom I jejak kasih the other day.
I was at En. Jusni's ( the Olympus ZUIKO camera lens cake guy) office, delivering his birthday cake and I saw two ladies there. After asking if the birthday man was in., I went about to do my business. Before leaving the office, I went over to the two ladies when suddenlyone of them said,
"Yes" was my answer with a question mark look on my face
"Azizah, SKPC" was her next two words.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulai chondong! in Kelantan! My word! My old primary school! She's Azizah Aziz!OMG! It's a small world! I quickly grabbed a seat and started on catching up. Where is who and who? What are they doing now? What happened to this and that, etc, etc... she saw more of my old primary school friends because her hometown is still in Pulai Chondong whilst I had moved when I started my secondary school leaving all my childhood friends and memories behind. It is so good to see yo again Zah! Do I still look like a twelve year old cos that was the last time I saw her.....perasan.. no actually I met her again when I am in Kedah, sometime in the 1990s and we lost contact for a while and hopefully no more 'lost contact' after this.

with our good looking Head Master with beautiful signature.... I can still remember it, so beautifully signed.

Juara Bintang RTM, 197?, can't remember, Rosemaria Hj.Arshad....
will write more, but gotta go, my "Titanic or is it The LoveBoat" is calling, but first thing first, gotta get my daughter from her school. ( program Muslimah Terbilang 2010).

I wrote " jejak KAsih" in my previous entry but had not said anything about it. Yes, this camera lens 'red velvet' cake had reunited me with my long lost primary school friend. .We were schoolmate and classmates from Standard One through to Standard Six. We shared the same English teacher, the same library, joined many activies and entered competitions together, like the school drama, the malay dance during one of the "Hari Penyampaian Hadiah ( Prize giving Day ) and many more. However , our destiny had been fixed that we were to go separate ways after that. She went to a good school in Kuala Trengganu whilst I went to another good school in Johor Bharu. The only difference was, she went with three other of my classmates and I was all alone in Johor Bharu. Again, after five years in respective boarding schools, we were separated once more when she left for USA to further her studies and I went to the birth country of the Beatles.

we met again after many, many years when she was working in UUM but somehow, we lost contact again after that until that fateful, beautiful Monday afternoon on th 5July 2010, on Mr Jusni's birthday., thanx to this red velvet cake, I met my friend...thank you Sharina.

.......to be continued......
the story continues from the top , down.....


  1. sedap akak.. emm.. sy rasa nak order kek.. bulan 8.. sempena bday sy.. 1008.. tak tau lg nak pesan kek apa..

  2. Salam Dik, yang tu red velvet cake. nanti bila dah decide nak kek apa, pls let me know ya......

  3. I'm glad to be part of this reunion. This hub somehow gives me goosebumps :-)