Monday, July 19, 2010

Jannah is Three

'Jannah is three' on Sunday. carrot walnut cupcake with cream cheese frosting , with Teddy , having her birthday picnic in a colourful garden with flowers, butterflies and bugs, complete with a cake, present , balloons and ice cream too!
three tiny candles on a tiny bithday cake

three balloons and one ice cream on the cupcake. then , Batrisyia came down and asked me, "mama, how did you make the ice cream?" so I showed her and I then had two ice creams, since everything else came in three, three balloons, three candles, three bugs, so I had to make another ice cream and that make three ice creams

three icecream on sticks and wait a minute, there's one ice cream in a cone topped with one red cherry ( Batriysia's idea to put the cherry on top ). I couldn't resist to make the cone ice cream too!

Teddy with number '3' on her, with her tiny present.

not forgetting, three butterflies too!

She requested for balloons and ice cream, besides the grass and the alphabets. I thot a pink teddy bear with her birthday cake and a present would make the set more colurful and cuter for a three year old Jannah's birthday.
despite quite a short notice, I was glad that I could make 'these' for Aniza.
Thank you, this set gave a big smile on Batrisia's face and she told me that she also wanted the teddy, the cake, the balloons and the ice creams for her next birthday...go figure!

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