Saturday, July 3, 2010

betul, betul, betul!!!

She's looking for my house, I was on my way delivering the 'sempoii oblong'birthday cake. I thought that shes 's picking up the cuppies after work and my assumption was that after work means after 5 pm and boy was I wrong! Her after work is around noon because Thursday was half day for her.

Fortunately she agreed to go and have her lunch first before coming back to get these cuppies. My first experience drawing Upin and Ipin on cuppies. I was a bit blur and blank on how to make this work. Sounds easy, Upin and Ipin, who didn't know them, the famous duo, brown, bald or rounded head and their famous phrases, "betul betul betul!!!

Hope Intan likes these, wishing Mohammad Khairil Adam a hepi 3rd bday and thank you Intan.

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