Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost in the 80s.....

You took myself, you took my self-control

I'm living in a parish of my dream

......or so I thot the lyrics was...:-)

Self Control by Laura Branigan which was on the air ( which radio station? I am not sure, one lady and one guy talking about Cameron Highlands, where they have this segment, Back in the 80s )when I started the engine of my car this morning and I was transported back to 1984 ( according to the DJ , the song was famous in that year ) and immediately the images of the place, the people came flashing.

Another famous song in that year which was also my favourite was "when Doves Cry" by Prince.

"don't you just love Prince", Julia Robert in a scene in the bathtub where she was staying with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.
"Don't you knock?"
"Vivian, I have a proposition for you"
Would you like to be my backup call and I will pay you to be my backup for a week.
You can't afford me
try me
holy &*#@

and she dived into the tub filled with foam

is that a yes?

..okay okay, enough...I could go on and on. I remembered most of the scripts in this movie by heart. This was in the 90s or was it late 80s? this movie had a feel good effect on me, not so much the story line but the songs, the leading casts, it made you came out smiling walking out of the theatre...

Back to When Doves Cry, my roommate, always turned this song on almost everyday, it sounded rather weird at first, if you notice, the intro of this song was rather wierd and unique but after awhile I grew to like it and so it began my like , not love, for Prince with his Purple Rain, Kiss, etc etc.... later on Diamonds and Pearl, the sexy video, Cream, and so on...

Hello Zue! your 'sempoii oblong' carrot cake is still unfinished, your Upin and Ipin cuppies still waiting, the three heart shaped chocolate and vanila cakes are waiting for their turn, not forgetting the Oreo chocolate cheesecake for a 14 year old birthday boy, so get yourself down and start decorating!

gotta go! for those dropping by this morning," Have a beautiful day ahead of you" as I hope mine would, would be engrossed in my deco and oblivious to the world once I have started.

tata, titi, tutu.....

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