Monday, July 19, 2010

Marble cheese brownies fever.....

two marble cheese brownies or short form MCB by two different people,
one MCB for Sharina ( with one jar of semolina cookies )for her potluck gathering. Quite an interesting conversation we had about my old Beetle. later joined by her hubby who was waiting for her in the car. They used to have a Volks too, a much older model than ours but they had already parted with it :-(
Ours, 70s model , someone did offer quite a good price for it but it has a really sentimental value and we are a bit reluctant to part with it.....yet or maybe...ever....
Whoever had owned or share the same passion like us, who like old and antique things would share my feelings about this car. perhaps if I can find the photo of my Beetle, I'll write more about it cos there's so much to write about it.For a start, the plate is 'JK' to which we associated it with "JIWA KACAU' :-)
thank you sharina!

and the other MCB for Amal who came back from KL for the weekend, picked up the MCB on Sunday on her way to the bus station and the MCB followed her to KL! ( with one jar of semolina cookies too )Such a cheerful and happy gal, which I find contagious , contagious in a good way, for you too will share the same positive vibes from her, which is a good thing.
thank you Amal!


  1. Nice cake and one cool ride.
    It'll take a while to get the picture of this Veedub developed on film :-(

  2. Dearwickedwarhol,
    thanx for the nice comments. it sure is a cool ride, cool, heavy and solid...look forward to your photo of my Beetle. By the way, my hubby shares the same passion as yours and he's wondering if you have any Nikon that you would be willing to part with?( which I doubt you would:-) )

  3. Zue,

    It's an easier answer if he is interested in Olympus rather than Nikon because I have a few of the same models. Just curious if he is a seasoned film shooter or not. Since I shoot more than 90% analog and only about 10% digital, I only have 2 Nikon DSLRs (and keeping them). The film range for Nikons are as follows:
    Nikkormart Ft, EM, FM, FM2, FM2n, FE, FE2, FA, F3, F301, F801.... I have two FMs and two FEs and I might reluctantly part with them. If he is a seasoned film shooter who is familiar with Sunny 16 rule, I'd recommend Nikon FM. I shoot mainly with FE2 and Olympus OM-2n (my fave!)
    If he is currently shooting with Nikon DSLR, give Oly a try - he might like that (I can loan one for a test drive).

  4. Dear Mr Jusni aka wickedwarhoal,
    firstly, thanx for the prompt reply and secondly, whoa!....all those jargons, those camera vocabs,FM,FM2...hehe....blur... the closest I got to be involved in photography was when my abah let me in his 'bilik gelap' to develop the films.( the black and white photo, when I was in my primary school and that was fun!)
    I'll let my hubby read your comments and see what his reaction would be. He likes photography and camera but perhaps not as zealous or passionate as you or perhaps time wouldn't allow him to.
    I had a Nikon, my first camera before leaving for UK back in the 80s and now using Canon DSLR which he bought me and which i don't quite know how to fully utilise it:-)
    Thanx again for dropping by and have a beautiful day ahead of you!