Friday, July 16, 2010

'Aku terima pinangannya......'

one heart shaped chocolate cake with buttercream and small maroon roses

with 100 chocolate cuppies in assorted designs in domed cup, finally, they are ready, 30 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. Phew!

pertunangan husniyati and hanafiah, we communicated via e-mails and smses and calls because she is working in KL, only came back for the engagement in Pendang.

an extra box and dditional order of one jar of chocolate chip cookies.

thank you Yus, ooops, Yati..... I kept calling her Yus cos when we were talking, I was in the midst of finishing Yus's cakes ( the Titanic and the big cakes ). Kak Zue mintak sori banyak2 sebab selalu tershashul sebut nama Yati, sebab dua2 mula dgn huruf 'Y'. It was a pleasure dealing with you, very polite and sweet.

Wish you all the best for the engagement with the Melako guy.......soon, tomorrow, you will be his, but only in 'ikatan' and 'ikatjanji', it's no the green light yet, no no no....once the " Aku terima nikahnya........" uttered, then only the light will be turned to green and full steam ahead.........until then, darah tu teramatlah manisnya ketika di alam pertunangan ni, at least with the engagement, people know that you are spoken for.
Thank you Yati, for believing in me.


  1. thanx a lot k.zue...
    everyone said the cuppies are yummyliciousss!

  2. u r most welcome, Yati, it was a pleasure dealing with you and I'm glad everyone likes them. Smile always..