Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's time for Africa...waka waka hey hey.....

oreo chocolate cheesecake for a friend's son's 14th birthday.

Since it's time for Africa..... World Cup! I thot I'd make it fun by just adding in a few flags of the top or so called top teams, cos some of them didn't even make it to the top 16 or was it quarter Final.....?
I dunno, just like what Adam Sandlers said just now in 'Spanglish' movie ...
I dunno....
From what I knew, my favourite team, or so my hubby and son thot I like, Italy had their dream of bringing home the World cup trophy smashed right in their face ...

I dunno, it's Penelope Cruz's turn to say I dunno.....

where was I ? oh yes... Italy, they had gone back, just like the French and the English team . Another big surprise last night when the five time World Cup winner, Brazil, was denied the position in the the semi final by the Oranje Nederlands team! they were beaten 2 to 1! I think the whole world was shocked with he result. Brazil! Kaka, Fabios.....whaaa... i am talking like someone who know football very well! I cheated, I only know maybe one player's name from each team.
Brazil - Kaka
Argentina- Messi
italy- Rossi.....that was World Cup 1990?
England- Lampard?
Portugal- Christiano Ronaldo
Cameroon- Roger Milla...haha.....long time ago....
Spain- David Villa.....Spain, or they pronounce it as " Viya"....could they , the Spanish, be the forece to reckon with?
it is not impossible since most of the top team had already gone packing, nothing is impossible now. That only leaves the Argentina, and the German team.
let's just wait for the result tomorrow for the match between Argentina and germany.

happy 14th birthday Ikhram. Thanx Ta for this order and the previous cuppies too.

Vive la Spain! go!go!go! ale! ale!ale!
the cup of Life!

do you really wanna it
do u reallly want it
here we go
ale ale ale
cup of life
ale ale ale!

by the gorgeous, the handsome and the sexy Ricky Martin.....
( u r gorgeous, and handsome and sexy too dear.............muah muah...... missing u like crazy......)


  1. I have yet to watch a single WC match this year and looks like you are keeping a good track with the event. Thanks for baking me the cake (not this and have it delivered to my office. My sweet tooth said it is delicious.

  2. dear wickedwarhol,I didn't really watch the WC match, just the highlights:-)that's how I knew . I am all for spain now that Italy is out.As for the cake, it was my pleasure, it was a pleasure dealilng with your Missus, you have quite a collection there , plus your red velvet lens camera cake has reunited me with my long lost primary school friend.Thank u for the 'delicious'comment. Happy birthday! Sweet.....i'll post your cake photos soon.