Thursday, January 21, 2010

roses are red, violets are blue..err..purple...

Roses are red, my love,
violets are blue,uuu
sugar is sweet, my love,
but not, as sweet as you,
as sweet as youuuuu
( suddenly this tune came in my head after seeing so many roses)

Two sets of pink , violet and darker violet chocolate cuppies as gifts for special friends.

This lady came with her two daughters, one of them is getting married very soon and the other one will follow suit later.

She wanted me to make this as beautiful as I could, beautiful roses in beautifully decorated boxes. Quite a daunting task because so many times the word 'beautiful' cropped up. They had seen and tasted my cakes before, they had seen my roses before, but what if I couldn't make it 'beautiful'? I tried my level best, to my limited knowledge and ability and I was glad that she liked them too.

A set of nine cuppies

Another gift set of five, very purplish or violetish and pinkish...

one set of five cuppies as a gift

one, two and three roses cupcakes

three roses cupcake.
It was such a lovely experience making these roses, one after another, mixing each colour separately and patiently. I started with the pink one, after having done pink, I added a touch of violet to the cream and started making roses with this colour. I then added a few more drops of the same colour and got a darker purple.Voila! three different colours for these roses.
They were such soft and soothing colours. when everything was done, I couldn't help but kept admiring them. ( masuk bakul angkat sendiri:-) ), well, besides the praises from my kids and hubby . I would get a really honest comment from them, especially my hubby. If he didn't like or approve it, then it really wasn't that good and if commented otherwise, then, I would be satisfied with the result. After all, he had much better taste than me in arts. I am, most of the time, surprised with what I did. I never thought or ever dreamt that one day I would be doing this. When I looked back at the photos of all the cakes and decos and designs that I had made, I sometimes wonder, did I really do them? Was it really me?. But if what I did and made brought cheers and smile on to others, then I would continue doing and making them. It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure as eating 'Ha*gend*zs' ice cream or having a cup of chocolate mousse with cream on top.
My big thank you to Ms Shanti and daughters who entrusted me with these roses , meant as gifts for her special friends.

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