Saturday, January 16, 2010

blue and yellow for january babies cheesecake

This is my second attempt to write for this entry, I typed last nite but when I tried posting it, the internet was suddenly down and there goes all the words I had written!
Aniza ordered this plain bake cheesecake on behalf of her hubby who would be celebrating the birthdays of the ladies and gents at his workplace.
She wanted me to have something blue and yellow to represent the state,the same state who beat 'hijau kuning' team in the last final football match by 2-0.
Wishing all the January babies at her hubby's office ( I think that should include him as well because his birthday is in January too , january 5th if I'm not mistaken) and Aniza ordered the oreo chocolate cheesecake fo him.
thank you again aniza, selamat menjalani berpantang period.take care..