Sunday, January 3, 2010

Batrisyia's first day at the pra-school

It's 8.00 am and here I am , writing this at home, unlike yesterday where I was still at Batrisyia's school, waiting for her( but not too long either, I went back at around 8.30 am ). Not that she wanted me to, or she misbehaved, it's just me going gooey and excited and mushy mushy about her being at school again after a long break since the incident at her kindie.

This picture was taken yesterday morning. she was cheerful and excited and followed everything I said without much fuss. She had been asking about going to school for quite sometime cos I guess she must have missed her kindie friends. Furthermore she likes to learn new things. She picks up a lot of new words and vocabularies thru the carton network and Disney Channel at Astro, plus the games that she played at the net or the PSP and NDS.

She had koko krunch for breakfast and later at school too! The teacher served the same! At least I know that I won't have to worry about her breakfast from now because it is served at school.

all dressed up and ready and eager to go.. Still didn't get her uniform so I just put on any white t-shirt and blue pants, with really white shoes and socks.

While Batrisyia was experiencing her first day at school, mummy dearest also was experiencing a new routine, my mornings without her at home. What I did yesterday was , right after leaving her school, I went straight to the market to get some veggies and nasi dagang for breakfast.

At home, did the usual chores, watering the plants,

She finished school at 12 noon.there she is, right at the back, putting her socks and shoes on

A happy face , completed her first day at school.

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