Friday, January 29, 2010

white and apple green hantaran cake

I always like making wedding cake, daunting as it may, simple it may be , but the effect to me is big. seeing the final result sitting there on the table waiting to be taken away by its rightful owner was just blissful.
soothing white with a touch of green apple for the ribbon.I tried to make and follow as closely as possible th edemands and requests by my customers. They wanted a mixture of 'merisek cake' and 'iza's wedding fondant cake', with the beads border, the silver dregees scattered, plus the love scattered on the base with just simple white flowers.

pearl like beads..checked

silver dregees...checked

green apple ribbon..checked

love shaped fondant scattered on the base..checked

I guess, i had done as requested, all hand made, except for the flowers, beautiful as they were, but I am not going to take credit for that.....

five pleats with a pair of white butterflies, symbolising the couple...

e just wanna see how it would lilke on the 'bekas hantaran'. I was a bit nervous about making this cake because this lady booked the order since last year. Earlier, she wanted a songkok shaped cake but she finally changed her mind and decided to have a simple with minimal flower cake instead.
Thank you so much Kak Ani for trusting me with your anak saudara's wedding hantaran cake. Selamat Pengantin Baru to the newlyweds.

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