Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aniza's oreo choc cheesecake for hubby dearest

This is what we called a small world. The lady who ordered this oreo chocolate cheesecake for her hubby dearest's birthday on 5th jan is on confinement, "berpantang" for the birth of her second daughter. therefore she said that her sister would be collecting the birthday cheesecake on her behalf.

when I opened the gate, in came a boy, my son's friend, his primary school friend and I said to my son, :" Abang, your friend is here!"

Guess what he said, "he's coming for the cake".

His mum was my son's primary school teacher. It's good to see her again, cantik manis orangnya.we only exchanged a few words because they were in a hurry, to surprise the birthday man.Tak sangka lah pulak Aniza's sister tu , my son's cikgu dulu...

Thank you aniza, for thinking of me for your hubby's birthday cake.
sms reply from aniza which I received yesterday:
" smua ckp sedap! Nnt nk try kek lain pulak"
orang berpantang pun makan sepotong dua!
sori about the writing on the cheesecake. I's a bit dificult to write using buttercream on oreo chocolate cheesecake . perhaps next time, if I were to write on it, I must place something, a piece of chocolate or fondant maybe, then it'd be much easier.

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