Thursday, January 21, 2010

turning back the clock

21st january 2004, drove the car myself to see my gynae for my appointment because hubby was in a meeting,feeling rather upset and uncomfortable because my tummy almost touched the steering wheel for I was in my final stage of pregnancy. didn't bother to find a proper parking space , just parked my car by the road side in front of the clinic, because thot I was going in just for a short visit , but it turned out differently.( and I got a summon for that! )

Everything was fine, said the doctor. You could deliver now if you wanted to , he said
No thanx Doc, I would wait for it to come naturally, with the water break and everything.My first child was overdue by almost a week and needed to be induced, my second one was three weeks early and so I wanted this one to be normal.
Ok, it's your call but before you leave, I'd like to make another ECG test to see how the baby was doing.
We went upstairs and we did the ECG and the result wasn't so encouraging, I didn't know what happened but my baby's heart was weakening. Doc said that I had to deliver now for the baby's sake and so I was detained ( so to speak).Called hubby and broke the news. Meeting or not, he came straight to my side....aaaaa itu cinta , bukan....hehe...

This was the reason why I wanted to wait for the normal pain of delivery and not by force ie by induction. With the liquid injected into me to quicken the process, i had to endure such excruciating pain.Even with hubby by my side, it didn't help to ease the pain away.

After some pushing and some squeezing ( of hubby's hand on my shoulder), I was pushing and so was he.....that explained the pain in my shoulder the next couple of days, not because of the labour but because of his squeeze....hehe.....urat bersimpul-simpul, said my umi who came looking after me during my confinement.

After some pushing , out came this 3.2 kg beautiful baby girl but slightly weak and she needed to be put in the ventilator and she only came home after three days. she had to be kept under Doctor's supervision for proper monitoring.

the many faces of Batrisyia ,being bundled in a towel after her bath, perhaps this one was after confinement because her hair has grown a lot since we shaved all.
Batrisyia in an airport trolley, Batrisyia with her first two front teeth ( as I am writing this , her two front teeth are wobbly and just waiting to fall off )We can't go to the dentist today dear cos the clinic is closed on Friday, hope you can wait till sunday , okay.....) and Batrisyia among the toys, she looked like a doll herself, in that basket......

This pic was taken a couple of months back, she and Willie, the kitten, still small then.

Batrisyia and her beautiful locks

Batrisyia, the roller blade queen of the house.

Batrisyia and her piping jelly drawing.
just a small note of what happened six years ago, she's now six and always a joy to be with.

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