Sunday, January 17, 2010

macaroni au gratin for lunch

For breakfast, I prepared toast with beef salami and egg sandwiched with a slice of cheese for the kids. Don't know if I should call it breakfast cos they had them at 12 noon! It was a weekend, last Friday, so a few hours late wouldn't hurt, I guess.

Therefore , since they had a late breakfast, I thot we might just skip rice today and since I still had the cheddar and mozarella in the freezer and a few more packets of macaroni in my larder, why don't I just prepare macaroni au gratin for them. they definitely wouldn't say no to this scrumptious dish.

I used whatever ingredients that I could find in my fridge, minced meat, minced chicken, fish fillet and a little bit of prawn only for the filling.The result never fail to impress my kids.

We had this meatycheesilicious macaroni at 3 pm. What did we have for dinner that night? Was it grilled BBQ sauce shoulder or Spanish omelette? I can't seem to recall.....One of these days I'd like to try spaghetti carbonara, that is if I could find the recipe. It's in my notebooks somewhere but which book? It's nice to change the dishes once in a while instead of just having the usual rice for our meal. Variety is the spice of Life!
Bon appetit!

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