Friday, January 29, 2010

15 years ago...on 24th january

don't have to guess what's inside, the drawings on the cover of the box drawn me to buy it as a present for my daughter's 15th birthday on 24th january 2010. Three books in one box, by the same author, the same author who wrote 'The Devil Wears Prada', which I had seen the movie and I have yet to read the other two novels ( which had not been made into movies yet ), that is after my daughter had read them, they are her books after all, so mama kena pinjam dengan dia lah....
no celebration ,
Reading was and still is my passion but I just haven't got the time to do that at the moment, the books that I am into right now is by Debbie Brown or Martha Stewart or anything related to baking and cake decorating, no more Sidney Sheldon or Stephen King, neither Jeffrey Archer nor Danielle Steele.

Tsara' and her baby sister, batrisyia.
Tsara', our firstborn. All my three kids have the same due date, 19th january but none of them were born on that date. Tsara' was late by a few days, so was Batrisyia but Ameer was three weeks earlier which made him a December baby instead of January. I gave birth to all three thru normal deliveries, alhamdullillah but Tsara' was the most difficult , perhaps it was my first experience or rather my lack of it and she was rather big, 3.4 kg, for my petite figure ( barely 40 kg before my pregnancy).despite several ups and downs that we went through in bringing her up, alhamdulillah she grows up to be a big and healthy kid, in fact, much bigger and taller than me, now.

Happy sweet 15th birthday to Tsara', we love you unconditionally, stay focus this year, okay cos you have a big exam coming up.luv ya....

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