Saturday, January 16, 2010

the day hubby stepped in the kitchen:-)

What in the world is this?
he..he... just kidding..
hubby's version of bolognese sauce for spaghetti, despite having splashed in the whole small can of tomato puree, it turned out rather brilliantly! Almost everyone had second helpings....
hint...hint... so that he'll be in the kitchen quite often......and he did it quite fast too!
his secret? three assistants, the kids and moi!
we are still waiting to taste your home made pizza and chicken tandoori dear.....lov ya...


  1. Zue, my husband cooked too but when he's in the kitchen it will be in a mess . . . and the cleaning lady (thats me) will membebel the whole nite!

  2. hye shashue! same same! mine too!but thankfully I have my own cleaning lady...err dotter, but most of the time, it's me, myself and I:-)