Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah...Today In history...

........ at Zue's Oven in Alor Star, that is. Somebody came to be my first student here in Alor star. My first actual student was my sister whom I shared the how to's of making MCB in Kota Bharu last December.

My Srikandi friend, a Johorean but resides in Seberang Jaya, an Engineer by profession but deep inside, a baker and cake enthusiast and her passion brought her all the way to this humble place of mine to learn a thing or two about nozzles and buttercream. Not that she's new in this field, oh no, she isn't. She's made cupcakes, she's been to several other classes too but all she requested from me was ; - to learn how to make the MCB, how to make roses from buttercream and how to make a doll cake. So I told her, just come as she is, no need to bring anything, all would be provided for, insyaAllah.

This is the lady who said the magic words that prompt me to start doing this .She's also the same lady who gave me sleepless nights the past couple of days:-) thinking of how to conduct the class, can I do it? Can i 'really' do this?Am I ready for this challenge?What if.....and all those big '?' and uncertainties were answered yesterday, 23rd january 2010. Alhamdulillah, the day went well.

We started the day with some catching up with the latest news while having nasi dagang which I bought from the market that morning for breakfast.We are secondary school mates, though we went separate ways after the SPM, we somehow managed to stay in touch till now. whenever there are school reunions or gatherings, be it School dinner or Back to school Program, we tried to make it to the functions as much as we could, for old time sake and to cherish the sweet and beautiful memories that we shared at our old school.

there's no mistaking that this lady knew what she was doing.! Just look at how she held the piping bag and drew those fine lines.

tickle...tickle....The Doll...getting dressed...

making sure every single blossom is filled with the silver dregee.

make an upside down U , go up and down, up and down,voila, slowly but surely and eventually, you would get a rose and practice makes perfect.

for a first timer, she did it pretty well.. I had just found out from her that during our secondary school days. we used to draw posters, etc and competed among us of whose drawings would be posted on the board. the three of us, this lady, myself and another mama baker. Frankly this period of my life was totally out of my mind , to my surprise I couldn't recall the event, nor the drawing room located between the teachers' room and our sewing room.I couldn't even remember my arts teacher! the age is really creeping up on me!

with the nozzle 104and proper techniques, you can create roses, rosebuds and sweetpeas, and techniques was what I shared with my friend.

We stopped for a while for lunch, one of the 'lauk' was 'ayam masak minangkabau' which I made especially for her that morning. We both learned that recipe from our school and this dish has become a favourite in this household and she did mention to me a couple of months back that she'd love to have this ayam masak minangkabau if ever she decided to come to Alor Star, and today is her lucky day!

how beautiful she looked in this pretty pink and purple dress, all done, hands on from rolling the fondant to the small flower on her dress and her head, by this mysterious lady....

big red ribbon with purple flower , trailing at the back

Mission accomplished., she said. I am satisfied and I am happy with the result.

Wait a minute, is it "The End'? we have seen the cakes, the how tos, but we haven't seen the lady who had completed the mission? I am very sorry but she chose to remain a mystery and I have to respect her request. It's for me to know and for you to find out....:-)

thank you so much dear friend for making it possible for me to take the first step, the step to open up my doors for passionate, cake decor enthusiast, for me to share some knowledge and techniques. This was my first experience and I am sure there are plenty of roooms for improvements on my side.Watch out Seberang Jaya, here comes the Engineer with new skills up her sleeves...

It was a fun and enjoyable first experience for me, a little bit nervous too, I do hope she's got what she came here for

hope your daughter will get a beautiful Doll cake for her ninth's birthday next month, more beautiful if not as beautiful as this one.


  1. wah zu, i was thinking about it u know.. kalu i balik sana, i wanna go to u, nak belajaq buat mcb and few other thing, so i boleh buat kat houston utk bawak pi rumah orang.. good now u dah start.. tunggu i balik tau..
    and if u really nak conduct class on frequent basis, do let me know, i nak hantaq my sister and niece to the class as their bday present..

  2. hello domestic CEO!
    nice of you to drop by.would gladly share a thing or two if you wish and would be more than happy if you could apply them and start your own baking back in Houston.just say the word.look forward to meeting you..
    I have started the classes and it would be based on request or demand basis. At the moment I haven't decided on the dates, mostly, they choose the date and I would see if it fits my schedule, later on when I am used to doing them, perhaps I would start fixing the dates, You sister and niece are welcome to join the classes if they wish to and it would be a great birthday present for them from you.