Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Batrisyia

Finished decorating this cake at about 5 am.started making it at about midnight after contemplating whether I wanted to make cupcakes , chocolate cake or doll cake. I had other orders too so time was not really on my side, therefore, the quickest and the easiest would be to make the chocolate cake.Done. Now, to make the ganache, that took a few more minutes, did it half awake.Done. now, how to deco it?I was only a few hours away before sunrise and before I had to send them to school. I succumbed to my sleepiness and dozed off with the bare cake in my kitchen.

After one hour I guess, I woke up at about 4 am and started taking out the fondant and its tools. made the teddy using chocolate fondant cos I knew that Batrisyia loves this chocolate fondant so much.Okay, one teddy...done.Rolled a few more and made the base for the lettering. that..done too. Now what?took out the red and yellow fondant and cut out using flower cutter, six red and six yellow for a six years old but when I arranged or rather scattered them on the cake, I left out one yellow flower, which I realised after sending Batrsisyia and her cake to school.
Batrisyia posed with her cake just minutes before leaving for school

went back to her school at 10 am, during their recess or break. the teacher put on the candles on her cake with her friends patiently and eagerly waiting...

all girls only photo ( well..... a few boys too...)

next, all boys only photo

Altogether now they sang her "happy Birthday to You"

blowing her candles

cutting her cake

enjoying the cake... i hope....

peeping through the window, from inside her class.

I want the head, no, I want the hand, everyone is taking a bite of the chocolate fondant teddy.

See the mark made by Batrisyia after cutting the cake.The cake was almost gone after a few minutes. Her teacher shared with the other class too.
Happy 6th birthday Dear Batrisyia, Abah, Mama, Kakak and Abam love you beary, beary much....

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