Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From DIL with lotsa love

I had difficulty with this one, so much , that even on the day itself I still had no idea how to deco this fruit cake

I knew what she wanted, I could picture how I wanted it to be but my mind just went blank until the last few hours. I started by cutting three round shaped fondant and mix and match the colours. Ana wanted it to be as nice and simple and beautiful as the one I did for her Kak Teh's birthday cuppies.

tied the cake with real ribbon ( inedible ya ana....) and wrote the wordings on other pieces of white fondant. And I thot that's about it, I'm done.... but I felt that it was a bit pale and plain with just three round design on the cake. I had no intention of covering the whole cake with fondant, after all, it's a birthday cake for her FIL and it would be a bit too formal and too serious, actually I prefer it bare, so that you can see the fruits in the cake! After staring at the cake for quite sometime, I thot I'll add some flowers on it and using the flower cutter, I cut out three white daisies, a symbol of pure love of a DIL for her FIL. then only I was pleased with the final result, though I still thought that it was still a little bit too simple.

This is what it looked like about 45 minutes before ana was supposed to come and collect this fruit cake.
Somehow after seeing the look and expression on Ana's face, I was glad that I added some flowers on it because it looked much better with them.
This fruit cake is on its way to the birthday man in KL by bus tonight and I hope it will reach its destination safe and sound.
Thank you Ana, sweet Ana, always a joy to see her sweet smiling face whenever I see her, for letting me be part of this and"Happy Birthday" to her FIL, hope he'll celebrate more birthdays , semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki.

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