Saturday, January 30, 2010

plain bake cheesecake

plain, bare, but promising.....thankfully, once again, it rose to its occasion and didn't fail me.( almost gone when I called to find out how it was, everybody likes it, she said ).
woke up that morning, that was the day before and saw this sms in my hp, "dik, nak plain cheesecake nak ambik ptg ni blh?"
less than an hour preparation time, another hour left in the oven and four to five hours chilled in the fridge , by seven o'clock, it was in the box and to be enjoyed by my'sis' and her brother in law's family who's celebrating his birthday. she purposely didn't want any writings on the cheesecake.
thank you kak tuni, my 'sis', not just for this cheesecake, but for everything......

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