Saturday, January 30, 2010

S.O.S.... we need cuppies for this event

a few samples made for the girls. but don't think they would be needing them cos it tuned out that Amy had been making and decorating cupcakes at home.

She wanted plain chocolate and vanilla cuppies but with icing ( separately)because they , Amy and her friends , wanted to deco the cuppies themselves.Therefore, preared the buttercrem with five different colours complete with nozzles ( I gave what I had with me at that time because this was rather last minute request and the shop was closed) plus extras and I also gave them ( more extras , freebies) a few sprinkles too ( hundreds and thousands, silver dregees) for them to play about with .

Drove to Kuala Nerang very early in the morning. When we , my daughter and I ,reached there, Amy and her friends were busy getting their stall/ booth ready for the " Hari Usahawan " for the students of Kolej Mara thruout the nation. Amy and her sweet and nice friends were from Kolej Mara Banting.

I hope you and our friends had fun time decorating the cuppies and made good sales on them.Wish I could stay longer and visited the other booths as well but I had to rush back to deco my other cakes for that day.
Thank you Amy and friends, wish you all the best in everything you do.

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