Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Salam Tahun Baru once again.New year, new resolutions, new beginnings, what better ways to start the new year with something as beautiful and as meaningful as "sharing". Some might add losing weight, saving money, getting married, passing final exam with flying colours,getting promoted, or even trying for more babies as part of their new year resolutions and some might be thinking of baking their own cakes and cupcakes for their family, decorating their own birthday cakes for their children ' and the list goes on and on.

Today, I am not writing about my new year resolutions or cake orders, nor am I writing about my Batrisyia or my other kids. It won't be about my cats either. Today, I will be writing about what had been boggling my mind for quite sometime , what I had procrastinated for so long, until yesterday, a Srikandi friend called with this magic words,

" Zue, I have a request"
What is it?
"I'd like you to show me how to make the roses using buttercream"
"I'd also like to learn how to make the marble cheese brownies"
"If time permits, I'd also like to learn how to make that Doll cake, since my daughter's birthday is next month"

I then said to myself, I have to pull myself together, come out from my honeymoon, ie, leisurely idlying in the house ( in my dream only ) because in reality, my time is too pre-occupied with tons and tons of work to do... don't think I am exaggerating this, those home-makers especially the maidless ones would agree with me.I have to start disciplining myself, after all this is an important year for my eldest daughter. She's sitting for her PMR this year. She's my top priority but my cake making and decorating are also my top priority therefore I must balance them equally and professionally.My hubby and two other kids are my top prioroties too!

Coming back to the questions posed by my friend. She even booked a date for a one on one session with me in the next couple of weeks. Actually she was not the first to ask me if I would be conducting any classes. The first person to show an interest was my kids' Ustazah or Umi they called her. She wanted to learn how to make those cute teddy bears figurines, my baking friend who wanted to learn how to make the ganache roses, plus some e-mails and smses that I received enquiring about the same thing.

I guess, it's time. It's time to share what I have. I had my first unofficial 'student', my own sister back in Kelantan last December.Perhaps now is the right time to start sharing what little knowledge that I have and acquired to whomever is willing to share that moment and experience with me.I wouldn't be calling it 'teaching' so to speak, I would like to use the word sharing, sharing the knowledge and the techinques that I know. From then on, you can use your own techniques and creativity to further expand this knowledge that hopefully you will acquire through me. It would be my little contribution, I would be happy to know if you can benefit from that little time that you will share with me and I would try to the best of my knowledge and ability to make it worth your while.

"What is your ambition"
"to become a teacher", was a popular answer given by students when asked that question when they were young. since my father was a school teacher, I guess the first thing that came to mind was "teacher" too. I might not be teaching Maths or English or Bahasa Malaysia ( both languages were my favourite subjects) or Science to the primary or secondary pupils, nor would I be teaching Accountancy or Architecture to the university or college students, though I did have an experience of being a replacement teacher for a teacher in one secondary school in Machang, Kelantan who went for her maternity leave for two months.that was quite an experience! The kids were taller and bigger than me!

I guess, I could be called a teacher too, but with totally different subjects, the subjects which I didn't even take during my university days, except for the three years that I learned during my Sains Rumah Tangga classes back in my old school in Johor Bharu.aaahhhh...those wonderful years.....

Anyway, if any of you out there who are interested, who are bursting with desires and passion to learn and share new things, whose talents and creativity are just waiting to be unleashed, or just for the fun of it, feel free to drop me a line via sms or e-mail for further details.

Learning is a never ending experience, I might be learning from you too as we go along.
Segala kebaikan dan keindahan datang dariNya,
dan segala kelemahan itu dari diri saya sendiri.

Look forward to hearing from you......whoever and wherever you are.....


  1. Salam Zue, Happy new year to u too, I have a long list of reso, hopefully I will fulfill each one of them . . . Sharing is caring and when we share we get more in return. . . .

  2. Hye shashue! speaking of new year's reso, mine...berjela2, playing in my head and written down in my 'journal', kalu tak dapat semua, at least dapat shikit2 pun ok. just want to take it easy and leisurely, to enjoy my time with my family and my baking and deco , trying to be a better person, need to work on my patience.....have a beautiful day and months ahead......

  3. Waydago Zue! You'll breeze through this one I'm sure. Before you know it you'd be conducting many classes and enjoying them so much. All the best for this new resolution. Happy teaching and baking.

  4. hai wiz! thank you for the encouraging and supportive words. hope the sessions, the sharing and the experience will turn out beautiful and both parties will benefit from them, I myself might learn a few things along the way too. thank you for the wishes, wiz...