Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ayana is One

Yany made this order last December. I knew that it was a difficult task to deco oreo chocolate cheesecake but as usual I would agree, taking it as a challenge everytime and this time the result really surprised me. It was unexpected, in fact I din't know what to expect at all.All these deco were made just hours before Yany was supposed to collect them.
It's Batrisyia's birthday that day.After having spent about half an hour at her school, taking photos of her, sharing her birthday cake with her friends, we came back home and then only I deco the ice cream green tea which I baked last nite.Once that was done, i began to deco this OCC.While thinking of ideas, I munched on some of the oreo cookies and that's how the idea came about.

ayana is One , with fondant aphabets on oreo cookies

oreo chcoclate cheesecake , as it is.

chocolate cupcake covered with fondant with one candle for a one year old Ayana.

"mama, look! she's blowing the candle!"

rolled the fondant into a ball shape because my intention was to make a ball with lotsa colours. Put the blue and green strips around it when suddenly my eldest daughter said, " mama, that looks like a face"

yeah, you got that right, so instead of making a ball, I decided to change it into this......cute little eskimo tanned like doll ( with no hands!!!!, actually her hands are in the sweater, since it was so cold there, she hid them inside her blue sweater!

this idea of arranging the alphabets on oreo cookies came out of nowhere...why haven't I thought of this before?this is an oreo chocolate cheesecake after all!

Yany also ordered ice cream green tea but with fancy characters and shapes, so that's how the teddy, ice cream cone and xmas tree came about instead of its normal square shape with white chocolate and toasted coconut on top.
By 4 pm ( yany was supposed to come at 5.30 pm ), I took the OCC from the chiller and started grating cooking chocolate on top and later sprinkled with some cocoa powder, then the alphabets were arranged on top. The mini cake and that cute girl in blue were left outside.. oh no, they couldn't go into the fridge because they were made and covered with fondant.
Yany came with hubby and baby ayana, such a cute bubbly and talkative ( baby talk )one year old gal. hope they'll have a wonderful time for the celebration the following day.
thank you yany and hubby for this trust. Happy 1st birthday Ayana. May you always be a bundle of joy and happiness to your parents.
late last night, I received an sms from yany, a very sweet comment:
"Salam kak zue, party dh abis lewat ptg td & skrg 'bteri' sy dh flat kemas rumah td. Seperti slalu hsil air tgn kak mmg meletop! Ramai yng memuji sedap sgt! Tq kak zue"
thank you thank you yany.....

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