Monday, January 18, 2010

marble cheese brownies for Fara's birthday

from abang sayang for Fara.......

I was on my way home from my MIL's house on Saturday when I received this phone call. the number looked familiar, after introducing himself, he told me that he wanted to order the MCB for a special someone's birthday on Monday.

I said yes, but the following day, hubby decided to go to Penang, to pay our very close and dear friends who came back from performing the Haj. we had been postponing the visit and he thought that today is a good day since it was a public holiday for Kedah and a rest day for Penang.We reached their house around 2.30 pm with D*min* Pizza waiting for us.Mind you we didn't have this here, everytime we felt like having it, we would either go to the island or to Seberang Prai just to satisfy the cravings for pepperoni on hand toasted pizza with extra cheese and chilli flakes.

It was so good seeing them, they shared their experiences and photos and some goodies, the dates, air zamzam, etc.etc.. brought back from the "tanah suci". we chatted and chatted and before we knew it, it was dark outside and we continued with nasi kandar for dinner.

Insyaallah, we hope that we will be able to perform our Haj while we are still strong and healthy. They presented us with a few souvenirs from there. Welcome back Haji Zaini and Hajjah Azah and thank you for the beautiful time that we had that day for both families.

Reached home at elevenish and close to midnite, took out the cream cheese from the fridge and started making this MCB.
Another one of my marble cheese brownies with very minimal design, just a birthday wish and flowers for the border, with a little bling bling.

Hope you had a beautiful celebration with your colleagues Fara.Happy sweet .......birthday:-)

thank you to the caller who ordered this MCB for his sweet Fara, you know who you are......:-).


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