Saturday, January 30, 2010

tutti frutti again....with daisies

yup, another one of my fruit cakes with fondant flowers, this time , white daisies which I had been wanting to do for quite some time. Simple, yes, but, to me it is very sweet...not too much, cos sometimes ...less is more....with simple white and yellow ribbons to complete the look.

I am still overwhelmed by ana's comment on the fruit cake that I made for her FIL's birthday about a week ago and this time she wanted fruit cake too for her mum's 60th birthday.
This is what she wrote to me about the fruitcake that I made for her FIL ;
"sis, my fil suka sgt n terharu. dia kata for all diz while, xpenah pn dpt cake buah yg cntik mcm ni. "

For her mum, this time, I just made grass from green buttercream for the border and using brown fondant as the fences with simple white and yellow blossoms on the sides.
Thank you anna, for again trusting me with this cake for the special people in your life. I have made oreo chocolate cheesecake, cuppies for her hubby- twice, cuppies for her Kak Teh in KL, cuppies for makan2, Fathers day cuppies and recently these fruit cakes, plus the BEN 10 cuppies for her friend's brother's birthday and the jez for makan2 cuppies which she ordered in between her orders .
"Happy 60th Birthday anna's mum, i haven't met this lady but I am sure she's as sweet and as pretty as her daughter. semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki.

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