Wednesday, June 16, 2010


has any of you ever run out of anything in the middle of making yor cakes or cookies?

I did, as a matter of fact, I just did, as I am writing this, I am waiting for my other half and kids, to come back with them. I wouldn't normally be running out of this item because, this is used in almost all the recipes, but I had used the last two for my banana muffins this morning and since we planned ( plan but not confirmed yet ......sigh.....) on going somewhere this weekend, I wasn't thinking of repleneshing them for the moment.

however, a phone call this morning requesting for a cheesecake for a friend's birthday for this coming friday which I couldn't refuse but I did ask her to pick it up one day earlier and I continued doing what I was doing then, decorating the engagement cuppies, rolling out fondant for cut out flowers, making a couple of ladybirds, some rolled roses, etc, etc and I had completely forgotten about 'it' until just now, when I was washing the mixing bowl and was going to start making the cheesecake when I realised that I had no eggs!!!!!!

OMG! before this, last week I think, I was in the middle of making the CCC- choc chip cookies when I had run out of the most important ingredients for that cookies, yup...the chocolate chips!Could this be a sign of something? something which relates to certain white hair on you head, certain extra lines under the eyes, or the sudden pain in the knee......okay, okay, out with it, just say the word.....sign of aging!

we are all going there eventually, some do it with grace and style, i know of a lady who is still golfing at the age of 70. My customer's MIL, who celebrated her 70th bday last week and I found that out from her DIL who ordered the oreo chocolate cheesecake from me. Would I still be decorating cakes and cupcakes at that age? would anyone? I don't know......wallahualam......

I guess I'll continue decorating the cuppies first while waiting for the ggs......just sharing some thoughts...wait a minute, /i heard the door, and they are back! gotta go!

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