Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just like Astro...macam macam Ada

2 kali kali 2, tepuk tangan sama-sama,

jangan marah padaku saja,

engkau pun apa..ahak...kurang....( lagu siapa dah lupa, )

chocolate cuppies with buttercream , colourful MAths theme as requested by her, thank you Shima , Azira's colleague. ( Hai Azira, duk wat apa tu? i f you are reading this.....)

"bila dah ready, zue bagi tahu, I 'll ask my wife to collect the cheesecake", kay...thank you Mizi

I nak order cheese brownies nak ambik petang esok boleh?

Boleh, insyaallah.....

thank you Fazilah.....

"I'd like to order five more jars of your awesome cookies"., and to collect them on Monday evening"was the sms sent to me on Saturday.

"I was dropping off 2 jars of cookies for my friend whilst hubby waited in the car,when I returned, one of the jars was almost empty, except the two pieces left in it and the other one in his hand......"she said

" this is pretty addictive isn't it? macam Famous Amos!",he said

extract of what ' she wrote in her e-mail

Should I take that as a compliment? I think I would..:-) no worries, nothing illegal or addictive inside the cookies, just simple chocolate chip cokies with walnut, made with TLC......

she was wondering if I made red velvet cake with cream cheese topping. Actually I had been wanting to try out that recipe but still hadn't got the chance to do it yet, perhaps this could be the opportunity to try it out.Another one of the items on my To Do or To Try out List which needs to be crossed out ASAP....

Thank you Sharina for this 5 more jars of cookies, I knew that one jar is for a friend who is going back to Kelantan, the other is for a friend who is going for Umrah, ( insyaAllah ada rezeki we would like to go for Umrah also ), the third jar ( i think by the time I am writng this only left with crumbs inside and the other two, for yor own eating pleasure .....

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