Friday, June 25, 2010

blueberry cheesetarts

When I first started making these blueberry cheesetarts, I didn't even know what they tasted like and i didn't know whether my methods were correct or not, all I knew was that they looked good and the comments from the readers in this person's fotopage were very positive and encouraging and so I thought I'd give it a try

Alhamdulillah, they turned out fine, looked not so good ( it made me wonder whether was my oven temperature correct, did I mix the dough as it should be and whether the filling was beaten adequately or was it overmixed, ) but all that didn't matter because they tasted as I think what blueberry cheesetarts would taste like, with the crumbly tart shell and creamy fillings and the sourness of the blueberries fillings, what a perfect combination. One bite was never enough. The comments and feedbacks that I received from my friends were positive. they all liked it. Orders started coming, for those who had tasted it, would make repeat orders and so the story goes.

This order was from the same lady who ordered plain bake cheesecake just the week before. Thank you Aisha and Mizi, hope you and the kids like these blueberry cheesetarts.

I had a few extras from this set and another lady who wanted me to keep her informed if there were any extras from my order because she and her daughter both loves cakes and so she took some. This was the sms that I received from her:
"Sedap la kak zu blueberry tart tu "

Thank you Nana for the 'berry' sweet compliment.
Nana ordered my choc chip cookies just last week and she also ordered another jar of the chocolate chip cookies because her hubby likes it so much.

Someone said to me, " I am sure you are very happy knowing that people like what you did, they appreciate what you are doing".

Yes, she couldn't be more right, I am happy , glad, pleased, knowing that someone out there is enjoying my chocolate chip cookies ( one bite after another, hands reaching into the jar while still biting on the first one ) while watching TV or watching the FIFA world Cup, or they are indulging in my creamy oreo chocolate cheesecake with their family and friends, or they may be blowing birthday candles on my chocolate cake or brownies, or they may be admiring and praising my teddy bear, dinasour, or birds cupcakes with flowers, birds and bees, or cutting into the two or three tiered wedding cakes, or putting or arranging the nicely decorated cakes and cupcakes on the ' hantaran' trays , all these just give me the greatest satisfaction. this feeling is far greater than getting a thank you for a report done and presented in a management meeting.

I guess , this is ( part of ) what makes me happy,and thank you, thank you again for those who have made me very happy for I can never thank them enough.Merci beaucoup.

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